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Dairy systems have long been plagued by the question of what to do with the male offspring that are the inevitable consequence of the milk production and it was Heritage Food USA that found a solution to the ‘billy goat’ problem.

Why Goat?

Goat meat has been much maligned and misunderstood in ‘Western’ food. Heritage Foods’ insight was that they could take the male kids, put them on the menu at New York restaurants and chefs could create dishes that would reposition goat in the mind of the ‘Western’ consumer.

Goatober’s role is to build on the work Heritage Food started and prove that goat meat is ethical, sustainable and delicious.

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Friends of Goatober

Jeremy Lee

Head Chef at Quo Vadis, London

Tom Hunt

Food and sustainability writer and chef
Gelf Alderson Chef

Gelf Alderson

Executive Head Chef at River Cottage
Gizzi Esrkine

Gizzi Erskine

Chef, food writer and stylist.
Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall of River Cottage

Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall

Broadcaster, cook and founder of River Cottage
James Whetlor Founder of Cabrito Goat Meat

James Whetlor

Founder of Cabrito Goat Meat
Heritage Foods USA Logo

Heritage Foods USA

Heritage Radio’s Erin Fairbanks, New York cheesemonger Anne Saxelby & Heritage Foods

Gill Meller

Chef and award-winning writer