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Getting involved with Goatober is easy! If you're a chef maybe host your own event or put a goat dish on as a special and encourage customers to try it. Butchers can have more options on the counter, maybe diced leg, shanks and chops for customers to try. Share your efforts on social media and tag @GoatoberNews and #Goatober. We'll repost the best pictures!

One of the best (and most delicious) ways to get involved with Goatober festivities is to attend one of the many Goatober events taking place all over the world. 

Most of these events are self hosted by an incredible line up of chefs cooking a range of irresistible Goat dishes from BBQ to pies, to Tagines and more.

Visit our Events Page to find out what's going on near you. 

Ask your local butcher to source different cuts of British goat meat or persuade your favourite local restaurant to put on a goat meat special.

If you're looking to try Goat at home, check out our Recipes page for some inspiration.


If you're a chef or restaurant looking to get involved with Goatober, find a local farmer or butcher to supply you, or join FoodChain, which delivers Cabrito Goat Meat, nationally.

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