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Spotlight: Wild Beer Co.

The Goatober 2019 exclusive drinks partner.

The Wild Beer Co is Goatober 2019 exclusive drinks partner and is pairing beers to events throughout the UK including the London launch night at Brigade Bar + Kitchen and the Carcass Cartel event at Native.

The Wild Beer Co. was born in the heart of Somerset out of a love of flavour, fermentation and producing great beer.

Unconstrained by stylistic guidelines and led by imagination and passion, Wild Beer celebrates traditional techniques whilst embracing a sense of modernity. The resulting beers give a truly memorable drinking experience, altering our perceptions of beer while thrilling taste buds.

Wild Beer has always had a big focus on beer and food pairings and the occasions where beer can be enjoyed. The inspiration for the conception of many of their brews have been ingredients, or food and drink experiences. It is a natural partnership to work with Goatober as the ethical and sustainable nature of the event reflects the brand’s ethos and the way in which they brew. The diversity and range of flavours produced from the chefs throughout Goatober reflect Wild Beer’s attitude to creating great beer.

Throughout October, Wild Beer will be pairing beers with goat dishes with a specific focus on Modus Operandi; an oak matured wild beer, aged for many months in Bourbon and Red Wine barrels tasting of sour cherries, toffee and dark chocolate.


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GOATOBER London launch with Wild Beer Co

Wild Beer Co. is the exclusive drinks partner for Goatober and will be...
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Wild Beer Co. is the exclusive drinks partner for Goatober 2019.

The Wild Beer Co. was born out of a love of flavour and...


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