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Goatober meets… James Cochran from 1251

Interviews » Goatober meets… James Cochran from 1251

Chef James Cochran’s signature Goat Sharing Board earned him a 9/10 score on the popular BBC TV programme, Great British Menu.

How long have you cooked with goat and why do you enjoy it so much?

I’ve been cooking goat with my mum since I was a kid. We used to go to Notting Hill carnival every year and having goat streetfood there is a huge memory for me. It’s not a widely used product but it’s on a par with most meats and the sustainability/respect the whole animal is massive for me.

What’s your favourite goat dish?

Slow braised haunch of kid goat, wet polenta, walnuts, mint which is a favourite on the menu at my restaurant 1251 in Islington, London

– It was the second time a goat dish featured on the Great British Menu.

What was the inspiration behind the dish?

My Goat Sharing Board has become a signature dish for me and shfeaturing cuts using shoulder, belly, haunch, and shank. It’s served alongside black-eyed pea dahl; coconut rice; roti; cucumber, pineapple and carrot salad; burnt lime and rum dressing; and scotch bonnet jam.

Your new restaurant GOAT is nearly launching. What was the inspiration behind this concept?

Sustainability and making the most of an underused meat and bringing modern kitchen techniques to street food. Cooking with goat is from my roots and getting in to the fast casual street food concept has always been a massive target for me.

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