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Goatober bridges the knowledge gap between dairy and meat and was originally started by a cheesemonger in New York. Goat dairy is a vibrant industry around the world with ethically-minded and forward thinking dairies working hard to change the prognosis of the male goats born into it.

Goat Dairy

Delamere Dairy is a keen supporter of Goatober and its quest to bring goat meat to the tables of UK consumers. While goats’ milk and meat are widely consumed on a global scale, this has not historically been so in the UK. Delamere’s goats’ milk consumers are extremely loyal, with over 80% drinking it for health reasons. With established commercial dairy herds all over the UK, the rising interest in goats’ meat means that Delamere now supplies the majority of its billies into the meat chain. As with cow dairy, if we enjoy goats’ cheese and drink goats’ milk, we should also buy its meat and support this young, flourishing industry.

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Delamere Dairy

UK-based Dairy founded in 1985, producing goats milk and other dairy products.