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Hides have been tanned for as long as humans have been hunting animals. The logical conclusion for ending the waste in the goat dairy system is to find a home for the skins.

Leading the way in goat leather

Billy Tannery is a British leather company founded in 2017 by Jack Millington and Rory Harker, specifically to make use of wasted goatskins from the UK meat and dairy industry.

Billy Tannery began with a discovery that due to the growth in demand for goat meat in the UK and the decline of the British leather industry, there were thousands of goatskins going to waste each year. After partnering with ethical goat meat supplier Cabrito, Billy Tannery now use the leftover skins to produce sustainably tanned goat leather in their new micro-tannery in the Midlands.

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Goat leather has a beautifully pronounced grain that varies from piece to piece and Billy Tannery use it to produce a range of luxury leather bags and accessories that are designed and handmade in Britain. Keen to tell the circular story of leather and its links to food, the company also creates bespoke leather goods for chefs and restaurants - from goat leather aprons for chef James Cochran, to menus and bill presenters for Thyme.

“The leather industry has played a vital part in recycling wasted hides from the food industry for centuries, but sadly for most the connection between leather and food has disappeared. Our unique partnership with Cabrito is the reason why Billy Tannery exists and as Goatober grows and grows, so does the number of goatskins that need to be tanned. It's a very exciting time for British goat leather and a wider story that we are delighted to be part of." Jack Millington

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Billy Tannery

British leather brand founded by Jack Millington and Rory Harker