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Goatober 2023


Goatober reached the Caribbean in 2018. Franka Philip, a popular media personality in Trinidad and Tobago is educating Caribbean people on different ways to cook goat meat and also how to improve the industry. Franka is interested in food security and sovereignty, innovations, challenges in eating local, issues affecting farmers and wants to educate people about where food comes from.

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Goatober Caribbean

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Goatober Caribbean

Franka launched the first in a series of events leading up to Goatober in December 2018 with an intimate dinner at Aroma Culinary Studio in Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain. The event was attended by top chefs in the country and representatives of the Goat and Sheep Society. The menu included steamed goat wontons, hops with sliced goat meat, goat and cheese ravioli and corn cake with goat milk, sour cherry ice cream, and coconut tuile.

“We used James Whetlor’s’ book ‘Goat: Cooking and Eating’ as a guide and adapted recipes to suit our palette. We tried to get a nice Caribbean flavour,” says Franka.

Find out more about Goatober Trinidad and Tobago at Trini Good Media.

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Goatober Caribbean

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